Mar 6, 2013

Amazing Run For Benyamine

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This is probably the most amazing thing I have ever read. This perhaps shows my naivety to the highest stakes of poker, although I don't ever claim to know about stuff this crazy.

According to Tony G's Blog, (I have cheekily commented asking for a link, which hopefully he will oblige with cos he is one of the players I enjoy watching) which is a fabulous read into the career of one of the more known players in the game, the professional player David Benyamine, pictured below, has been put it lightly, a bit of a roll on the cash game tables running alongside the main events at the WSOP.

David is apparently over $20 million (yes that's million) dollars UP for the WEEK! How amazing is that! Tony G reported on his blog that David's amazing run came on the $4000 - $8000 high stakes tables. Perhaps what is more amazing is that a collection of players, maybe even one, is nursing this slight hole in their bankroll. You can now access Tony G's blog from the 'hottest poker blogs' links to the right hand side of this posting. Only the best get on there, and I regularly spring clean them so you know if you click-thru, they are gonna be good. Check them out, but keep coming back here!

My preparation for the freezeout this week is basically plenty of practice at home, working on the patience and discipline mainly, followed by a trip to the casino for one of the events probably on Wednesday for the small event just to get used to it, ready for the big one on Thursday. This is my WSOP main event, the start of my live tournaments, which will hopefully be more frequent from now on. I will be starting proper online play soon aswell. My games really starting to come on.

Let's hope that plenty of these Grosvenor chips will be coming my way. I am confident that even if I bust out I will not be easy to beat. I want to go out with the luck against me but by making the right plays, and not giving my chips away. I'm looking forward to meeting some poker players and plugging my blog. I might even get some crap vista print cards made up to give out to try and attract some readers, I want 100 returning visitors every day for this blog. Ambitious, but possible! I won't be like a serial card handerouterer but if I talk to someone I'll ask if they read blogs and give you a card.

Finally a bad beat story. I had pocket eights and went all-in in a freeroll today. Went up against J,10d and the board came down x,Q,8 giving me three of a kind 8's and him a backdoor straight. Needing runner-runner to save his/her sorry ass. The turn was a King giving him a flush draw. He now was drawing to three 9s in the deck for a straight. Hello 9! I actually lay on the bed feeling crap for about 10 minutes, because this player was loose as hell and someone who could not live with anyone who knew how to fold 7,2o.

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