Mar 23, 2013

Tournament Playing

Poker Night

Managed to go quite deep in another practice tournament. Again there was 279 competitors in a bit of a crap shoot. Finished 27th this time, held on from about 50th place to get into the fake money which was 30 places. Then I went all in with A,10o and caught someone with a better kicker.

The hand before was a nightmare. I had J,10h and they board came down J,5,Q two suited, but I had no draw. The lone opponent bet out, and I just 'knew'/had a feeling that he had top pair. I thought and thought then called his bet, leaving me with $995 when the blinds were massive. Fold you fool! I really must learn to stick to my gut cos I seem to get it right most of the time. Relaxing pictures help me, so here is one to help me next time I'm facing a tough call when I think I'm beat.

If I did become a massive winning player, and could play without fear and just enjoy it racking up the cash, then that beach is pretty much the type of place I would like my beach house condo and could chill on the patio and play some poker. Pool table in the highly air-conned property with Rachel Weisz...ok so it won't happen but that's what I think of when I think of people making millions playing online poker, why don't they do that? Another thing is you see these players on T.V. whom the commentators say, "a profilic online poker player who has won millions" etc. Firstly, is that true? And secondly, I hope they have invested it wisely, it is slightly worrying to me that you see these Bellagio guys risking everything on poker when really its just not sensible.

If I won £2 million playing poker I would set myself up with a dream lifestyle, and basically enjoy it. I would buy perhaps £1.5 million worth of property, (little 2 up 2 downs etc, new builds) which after agents fees would guarantee £5000 or so each money in rent money. Or hire some chump to run the portfolio for £20,000 a year. Up for it Scotty/Rob? Then that's your wage sorted and you can do what you want within that money. You see? I've got it all worked out, there's just that small problem of coming into £2-3 million quid which continues to hamper these well thought out plans!

Back to earth with a bump I noticed that my adsense account has accumulated a large sum of 50 cents so far! However anyone who knows me knows that I am incredibly ambitious. There is the thing with work that soon I will need to find something that can earn me decent money cos I want my own place soon.

This week there will be a full report on the Wednesday satellite as well as information about the "How To Play Poker" DVD that we are going to be filming in the next 10 weeks. The biggest problem with that is who is going to feature in it. It will be filmed properly at a new studio in Newcastle, if any pro is willing to star in it for nothing, let me know! Good coverage and we can work out a split of the profits etc. At the moment it will be sold online, through mail order and on ebay. Let me know pros!

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