Aug 23, 2012

Traveling With Money on your Mind

There's certainly places around the world that are cheaper to travel to than others, but telling someone to go to Kenya instead of Paris is too simple. Little tips and tricks add up when it comes to saving money while traveling, and here are a few of my favorite ones:

Always stay in Hostels
Hostels, like this Interlaken hostel, are tremendously cheaper than getting a hotel room. If you do a bit of research in advance, you can find the nicer ones that make it all worthwhile. Do a search for travel blogs, with the city you plan on visiting in parenthesis and you'll find forums and blog articles about the best hostels to stay in in a particular town. It's also good to be able to weed out the run down and creepy places!

Make Your Own Food
It might seem nicer to go out to a fine restaurant wherever you're visiting, which is fine to do once or twice, but by the 7th day of traveling, you may not be as excited to go out to a fancy restaurant. Make a quick trip to the local grocery store or market and make something from which you find. Buy some drinks or crackers that you've never heard of before. I'll never forget eating my first Tim Tam in Australia!

Pick and Choose your Activities
Tourism countries know that travelers will easily make impulse purchases, saying "well I'm only in ___ once!". Which is true, YOLO, but it's not going to help out your bank account in any way. Plan out your activities well in advance, so you have time to compare prices and rates. It also lets you scope out reviews and tips for activities in the area, so you don't get sucked into paying for something that wasn't all that great.

Aug 13, 2012

Alaska Trivia: Snow, Ice and Everything Nice

Out of all the places I'd like to visit, Alaska is one at the top if my list. Alaska is one of the major tourist destinations and every year a large number of people visit this place. But most people are confused as to which is the best time to go for train vacations in Alaska. Normally, the winter months are severe and one should avoid those months in order to go for Alaska train tours. Summer months are the best time to visit the state and enjoy its natural scenic beauty. A lot of people visit Alaska during their summer vacations, and enjoy a bountiful amount of its natural gifts.

Check out the Alaska trivia to know more about this place:

Truth or False: Temperatures fluctuate a lot in Alaska
In the interiors of Alaska like Fairbanks, the temperature fluctuates a lot.  You should note here that the interior traditionally gets warmer in the summer and colder in the winter. However, the fluctuation in temperature is not much felt in other parts of the state. So, if you go for train tours, you can choose the summer months. If you want to visit the outskirts of Alaska, you can even visit them in the winter months.

Truth or False: The Snow and Ice found in Alaska is extremely dry
The overall climate of Alaska is extremely cold and dry. It is absolutely true that the snow found here is extremely dry. Normal wet snow in other areas takes 5-8 inches to make one inch of water whereas in the interiors of Alaska, the ratio is one to 20.   

Truth or False: The snow is crunchier in Alaska
The snow is actually crunchier in Alaska and everyone can vouch for it. Thus, there’s no way anyone can sneak up on you when it is cold as with every footfall, you will be able to hear "CRUNCH!"  If it is actively snowing after dark, the lights get reflected straight up into the sky for a long way, looking like a forest of searchlights.   

Truth or False: Long days and long nights in Alaska
It is said that the night descended on Alaska along about the end of summer, and daylight did not come again until spring or summer came again. In the winter months, the nights are surely longer compared to any other state. In the month of June, the state of Alaska does have the longest days. Anchorage receives only 19.5 hours of sunlight. So, now you know the best time to go for train vacations or Alaska train tours.   

Truth or False: The highest mountain in North America located in Alaska
Mount McKinley is the highest mountain of Alaska. It is also the highest mountain of North America. So, if you’re visiting Alaska, don’t forget to visit Mount McKinley. You can take profession help and go for trekking.

Truth or False: There are around 100,000 glaciers in Alaska
There are an estimated 100,000 glaciers in Alaska, which take up 29,000 square miles of the State's surface.  The longest glacier in Alaska is Hubbard Glacier. A number of the larger cruise liners sailing Alaska waters visit this huge river of ice.

Alaska is an interesting state with lot to visit and enjoy. It is more beneficial if you go on a long vacation to Alaska. This will give you the much needed time to visit all major attractions in and around Alaska. You should also take some time to plan your Alaska train tours so that you don’t miss out on any of the beautiful places. It is very important to note the places of your interest in advance so that you get them in order and plan your budget accordingly.