Aug 23, 2012

Traveling With Money on your Mind

There's certainly places around the world that are cheaper to travel to than others, but telling someone to go to Kenya instead of Paris is too simple. Little tips and tricks add up when it comes to saving money while traveling, and here are a few of my favorite ones:

Always stay in Hostels
Hostels, like this Interlaken hostel, are tremendously cheaper than getting a hotel room. If you do a bit of research in advance, you can find the nicer ones that make it all worthwhile. Do a search for travel blogs, with the city you plan on visiting in parenthesis and you'll find forums and blog articles about the best hostels to stay in in a particular town. It's also good to be able to weed out the run down and creepy places!

Make Your Own Food
It might seem nicer to go out to a fine restaurant wherever you're visiting, which is fine to do once or twice, but by the 7th day of traveling, you may not be as excited to go out to a fancy restaurant. Make a quick trip to the local grocery store or market and make something from which you find. Buy some drinks or crackers that you've never heard of before. I'll never forget eating my first Tim Tam in Australia!

Pick and Choose your Activities
Tourism countries know that travelers will easily make impulse purchases, saying "well I'm only in ___ once!". Which is true, YOLO, but it's not going to help out your bank account in any way. Plan out your activities well in advance, so you have time to compare prices and rates. It also lets you scope out reviews and tips for activities in the area, so you don't get sucked into paying for something that wasn't all that great.

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