Mar 18, 2013

Oh Georgia....Where to Go?

My husband and I are in the process of planning our yearly road trip and we've been pouring over Internet pages trying to develop a sort-of itinerary for what we want to do and see when we're out. We've decided to go to Georgia this year, as we haven't been there in quite some time and we're both ready for warm weather.

And, we're driving, which will be quite a journey but better than flying, especially with all the rules and restrictions. Last time we went on a plane, it was pretty expensive and passengers were only allowed to take one carry-on item on the plane (a purse is not considered a carry-on, thankfully). However, that pesky liquids restriction still was enact, which I forgot about, so I had to throw some of my favorite lotion away. Oh well I suppose, but it's just a long and drawn out process.

Anyway, one of the places we want to visit is Savannah, and we've found a lot of websites and articles on Savannah attractions. Since we're cheap and try to save as much money as possible, we've been watching the local Groupon page for activity deals. We're thinking of doing a Gray Line Tour - explained here - so we can learn a little more about the city from locals before setting out to explore ourselves. Plus, sometimes it's nice to relax on a bus and let someone else drive, as there's no worrying about getting lost! This is a cute little site too.

Our goal is to go at the end of April...not too soon, but not to far away, either. We still have to book hotel rooms (although I really want to stay at a bed and breakfast) and a rental vehicle, but I know we'll get that taken care of soon. Believe me, we are counting down the days!

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