Feb 9, 2013

Things with Wings

English: Screetshot of Joan Crawford (as Flaem...
The experts came back first thing this morning to clean up after the bats. They've sealed off the last of nightcrawler's entries and swept up the guano. Now, they can get out but the bats can't get back in. It's going to have to warm up a little around here first before we are completely rid of the little buggers. At the moment it seems they are hibernating due to the drop in temperature. Lovely. Already the smell is better though and, it no longer looks like the opening of a vampire movie at sunset/sunrise!

I've caught up on a lot of work slash house things this week and am feeling pretty good about myself. My guy is in NOLA so I'm el parental solo until he returns. The girls have been cooperative for the most part. My poor4.5 year old is going through one heck of a growth phase. Right now - she's like having my own mini Joan Crawford to care for. Fun times. Oh yeah.

Somehow, we've landed on pre-Friday and the troops are calling for chow. I'm going to find something that will satisfy them before they overtake the kingdom. Back later...

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