Jan 8, 2013

Olympics, Language Translation Services and Online Security Services

London 2012 banner at The Monument.
A publication of VisitBritain and VisitLondon research revealed the tourism benefits from the 2012 Olympic Games in London were estimated at being worth about $2.2 billion. The Oxford Economics tourism impact study on the 2012 Games estimated that the London Games generated tourism gains totaling $2.4 billion. Once allowances for displacement of visitors are made, the contribution is reduced to $2.2 billion for the UK.

They were indeed quite the memorable Olympics of the modern era, and they helped spring load a few industries. Businesses realized the need to connect with other cultures and languages in order to expand their customer base. To do that, they need to understand the prospective markets. This is where language translation services step into the game, bridging the gap between businesses and a more unfamiliar customer or client base.

Because the Olympics were a target for many hackers, spammers and even terrorist groups, the servers used to track and store precious information for the Olympics needed to have an intense firewall. One huge tech company carried out this important task, but it opened the eyes of other organizations such as the UN, Wimbledon and governmental organizations that plan huge events, where one glitch can send an entire event in disarray. Emergency planning companies and online security companies got a big bump in economic activity as a result.

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