Nov 30, 2012

In Loco Motion

School's back in the full swing of things and all is well so far. First grade is definitely more hands-off for me than K was. I'm happy for that because it takes a load off my shoulders. It also gives my daughter the independence she needs to grow more mature and responsible. Her teacher is pretty tight with the rules but also kind and seems to know how to reward as much as correct. Since that's the way I run the ship around here she responds well to that kind of method. I think it's going to be a good year for all of us.

It's Thursday already and I am feeling ultra lazy. That's doing me no good. I've got auctions to work on and the box purses are starting to haunt my sleep. If I get the ball rolling I'll feel better. Unfortunately Summer has left my house in a state of slight discombobulation and I've got to get it under control first. It just drives me nuts to try and create anything in the middle of a mess. Which is funny because most of what I create causes a mess before it's done! So, I'm going to finish watching Lost In Translation (again) and tackle the home asthetics first. Afterwards I need to do a supply inventory since the kiddos have been using my gear a lot lately. Hopefully I'll have enough energy and motivation later to actually create something. Yeah, gonna need more coffee with that...

Oh!! Hey!! I got a really nice comment by a Park Ranger blogger from Virginia and I found a super cool art blog by Coop. It's gonna to be a good day Tater!

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